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7. Cus­tomis­ing the GUI in Pre­sen­ta­tion mode

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1 “What we’re look­ing at here is the Patch­ing win­dow, rep­re­sented as a GUI inside Live’s De­vice View. We need to cus­tomise this to make it a bit more user­friendly. One of the fi­nal, most im­por­tant but­tons within the side­bar in Max is the Pre­sen­ta­tion mode but­ton…” 2 “At the mo­ment we’re in the Patch­ing mode; Pre­sen­ta­tion mode is an al­ter­nate view. When you hit this but­ton, the Patch­ing mode but­ton changes colour to show you’re in Pre­sen­ta­tion mode, and we can’t see any ob­jects – we need to add them to Pre­sen­ta­tion mode.” 3 “Go back to Patch­ing mode and un­lock the de­vice. Select the two di­als and the Out­put Gain. Ob­vi­ously we don’t need to add the de­grade~ – that’s not re­ally a user in­ter­face ob­ject, that’s a pro­cess­ing ob­ject. Right-click any­where within any of the se­lected ob­jects and choose Add to Pre­sen­ta­tion.” 4 “In Patch­ing mode, when an ob­ject has been added to Pre­sen­ta­tion, we see a red/or­ange hint around the con­trol. Now, when we en­ter Pre­sen­ta­tion mode, we’ll see those ob­jects have ap­peared in our in­ter­face. Now you’re free to set these up and po­si­tion them how­ever you like in your GUI.” 5 “It’s good prac­tice to po­si­tion your ob­jects in the top left hand cor­ner, be­cause in Max For Live, there’s a limit to the screen res­o­lu­tion for de­vices. You’ve got a cer­tain amount of real es­tate for the De­vice View in Live, rep­re­sented by a de­vice limit line across the graphic in Patch­ing mode – make sure all of your ob­jects are up above that line.” 6 “There’s one fi­nal trick that every­body al­ways for­gets, and this is to make our patch de­fault to open­ing in Pre­sen­ta­tion mode. Right-click the back­ground of the patch to open the con­tex­tual menu and choose In­spec­tor Win­dow – this is the In­spec­tor win­dow for the whole patch. Tick the Open In Pre­sen­ta­tion box in the Ba­sic sec­tion.”

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