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8. Get­ting the de­vice work­ing with Able­ton Push 2

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1 “The last thing we can do is map these pa­ram­e­ters onto Push. Inside the De­grader, click the Edit but­ton, and en­ter Patch­ing mode. Add the live.banks ob­ject: press N to open a new Ob­ject box and type in live.banks. All we’ve got to do is leave that in the patch some­where – we don’t have to cable any­thing with it.” 2 “In In­spec­tor, select the Out­put Gain slider – at the bot­tom of In­spec­tor, set Pa­ram­e­ter Vis­i­bil­ity to Au­to­ma­tion and Stored. This is set cor­rectly for Out­put Gain, but not for the other two el­e­ments of our user in­ter­face. With the Au­to­mated and Stored pa­ram­e­ters set for all of our user in­ter­face el­e­ments, save the patch.” 3 “Lock the patch and dou­ble-click the live.banks. The win­dow lets you con­fig­ure what pa­ram­e­ters are stored in each of Push’s eight pots. We can have mul­ti­ple Banks of pa­ram­e­ters. Set Ra­tio in the first slot, Res­o­lu­tion in the sec­ond and Out­put Gain in the third: so Dial 1 on Push will be Ra­tio, Dial 2 Res­o­lu­tion, etc.”

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