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4. A trio of DAW-based turntable tricks

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1 Pull off an easy-yet-con­vinc­ing ‘rewind’ by bounc­ing a sec­tion of your en­tire mix to au­dio, plac­ing the au­dio clip in any sam­pler, and play­ing it back in re­verse. Then au­to­mate the sam­pler’s pitch trans­po­si­tion to quickly speed up and slow down the re­versed sam­ple. 2 Sim­u­late a turntable stop us­ing Kilo­hearts’ ex­cel­lent Tape Stop plugin. We’ve found that a Stop Time of around 300ms with a gen­tle speed curve gives a sim­i­lar ef­fect to press­ing the stop but­ton on a turntable, while a longer time of two sec­onds sounds like turn­ing off a di­rect­drive deck’s power. 3 Make it sound like you’ve dropped the nee­dle mid­way through your record by ran­domly drag­ging the au­dio re­gion’s start point (with snap turned off), then plac­ing a ‘nee­dle drop’ sam­ple di­rectly be­fore­hand. Loop some vinyl noise un­der the track af­ter­wards, or it’ll sound like an ob­vi­ous ef­fect, not a re­al­is­tic nee­dle drop.

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