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Not quite a one-knob plugin, Rob Papen’s fool­proof mas­ter­ing pro­ces­sor (VST/AU/AAX) is de­signed to tart up the top end in your mix and so­lid­ify the bot­tom. Apart from the pre­set man­age­ment and mas­ter Vol­ume con­trols, there are just two sec­tions to MasterMagic: Air and the Mono/Stereo Split Fil­ter.

Air is a very broad high­fre­quency shelv­ing EQ with con­trols for ap­ply­ing up to 6dB of boost and set­ting the cor­ner fre­quency any­where be­tween 30 and 40kHz. Yes, that’s ob­vi­ously way out of the range of hu­man hear­ing, but the cor­ner fre­quency de­ter­mines the re­sponse of the ex­tremely wide band of af­fected fre­quen­cies be­low it, adding sheen, and… well, air! The Split Fil­ter sim­ply makes ev­ery­thing be­low the set fre­quency or MIDI note mono by out­putting just the Left or Right chan­nel, the sum of the two, or the dif­fer­ence, in or­der to cen­tralise basses and kick drums (al­though the fil­ter can go all the way up to 20.5kHz if re­quired).

MasterMagic’s Air EQ sounds ab­so­lutely gor­geous, and its monois­ing fea­tures are more flex­i­ble than most. A great ad­di­tion to any mas­ter­ing chain.

8/ 10n

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