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4. Retro rave vo­cals with sampling

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1 Vo­cal sampling in old-school rave and techno tracks was usu­ally rough and ready. For­get ev­ery­thing you know about fancy, slick sampling, and in­stead, chop your vo­cal sam­ples slop­pily and don’t worry too much about get­ting them per­fectly in time or in tune. Just go by feel.

2 The high-pitched ‘chip­munk’ vo­cals found on clas­sic rave tracks were a byprod­uct of need­ing to match sam­ples to fit the tempo. Now that we have timestretch­ing we can avoid that, but we don’t have to. Pitch­ing up un­til the voice sounds car­toon­ish adds lots of char­ac­ter.

3 When it comes to ef­fects on ravey vo­cals, more is more. Harsh EQing, char­ac­ter­ful com­pres­sion and just about any­thing else goes. Try less ob­vi­ous ef­fects like flangers, long stereo de­lays and dis­tor­tion to put a unique, dis­tinc­tive twist on your vo­cals.

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