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8. Phase-can­celling tricks

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1 Thanks to the won­ders of phase re­in­force­ment and can­cel­la­tion, we can utilise dif­fer­ent mixes of the same song to ex­tract im­por­tant el­e­ments of the track for use in a guerilla remix. First, we’ll im­port a full vo­cal mix and in­stru­men­tal of a house track onto our DAW’s time­line. Next, call up any util­ity plugin and add it to the in­stru­men­tal chan­nel.

2 When two iden­ti­cal sig­nals are per­fectly in phase and played to­gether, they dou­ble in vol­ume as the two sig­nals re­in­force each other. If we then flip the phase by 180 de­grees, the two sig­nals will can­cel each other out, re­sult­ing in si­lence. To hear this in ef­fect, hit the Phase flip but­ton on the in­stru­men­tal util­ity plugin.

3 With our full mix and in­stru­men­tal out of phase with each other, the iden­ti­cal parts of each track dis­ap­pear, leav­ing us with a com­pletely iso­lated vo­cal take that’s an ideal start­ing point for a remix or boot­leg of our own. This tech­nique works equally well with any other parts of the mix you’re look­ing to steal – give it a try!

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