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9. RX 7 Mu­sic Re­bal­ance Mode

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1 As well as the usual au­dio restora­tion tools, the lat­est ver­sion of iZotope’s RX au­dio edit­ing suite also of­fers a brand new Mu­sic Re­bal­ance Mode, which can be used to change the bal­ance of in­stru­ments in a full mix – ideal for the boot­leg­gers among us. Let’s try it: start by open­ing the stand­alone RX 7 ed­i­tor.

4 Next, we’ll re­move the vo­cal from the mix to cre­ate an in­stru­men­tal by turn­ing the Per­cus­sion and Other faders up to 0, be­fore hit­ting Pre­view. As the hu­man voice sits across most of the fre­quency range, tweak Sen­si­tiv­ity for best re­sults. A set­ting of 6.5 re­moves most vo­cal with­out over­pro­cess­ing the mix.

2 Drag Full Mix.wav into RX’s ed­i­tor: this is a com­plete mix of vo­cals, bass, drums and synths that we can pick at. Scroll down the Re­pair menu and se­lect Mu­sic Re­bal­ance to bring up con­trols for mix re­bal­anc­ing. Click the + sign next to the By­pass but­ton to in­crease the Buf­fer Length for a smoother pre­view.

5 To fin­ish, try re­mov­ing the Per­cus­sion by push­ing the Voice fader to 0 and the Per­cus­sion to si­lence with Sen­si­tiv­ity at 10. Switch­ing Sep­a­ra­tion al­go­rithms gives dif­fer­ent re­sults depend­ing on what’s be­ing pro­cessed: Ad­vanced Joint Chan­nel re­moves drums with­out ex­ces­sive arte­facts and alias­ing.

3 First, we’ll iso­late the bass from the mix. Pull down the Voice, Per­cus­sion and Other faders to si­lence, then hit the Pre­view but­ton. You’ll hear the bass play­ing in iso­la­tion, but there’s still a bit of vo­cal and drums sneak­ing in. Re­duc­ing Sen­si­tiv­ity to around 2 re­moves most of these arte­facts, leav­ing a us­able bass take.

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