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11. Ex­per­i­ment­ing with Ser­ato Sam­ple

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1 Ser­ato Sam­ple com­bines bits of their DJ soft­ware with a clas­sic sam­pler work­flow – let’s try it out for some 170bpm break­beat chops. Open Sam­ple on a fresh MIDI track, then drag Break.wav onto the main screen. Hit Play to pre­view the break; if it’s too fast, hit the ½ but­ton (top right) to halve the tempo. 2 To as­sign hits from our break to the pads in Sam­ple, we can use our MIDI key­board. Se­lect the first kick, then hit a MIDI key to place a cue point. Re­peat this for the first snare and the hat shuf­fle di­rectly af­ter­wards. Now, we can re­play our break in a pat­tern of our choos­ing, as well as cre­at­ing ex­tra pads for ed­its. 3 Sam­ple lets you cre­ate mul­ti­ple cue points at the same point with dif­fer­ent pitches and timestretch­ing for easy, Akaiesque ed­its. Skip to the start of the break, and cre­ate a new cue point. High­light the pad and set the Key Shift to +5 semi­tones. Record a pat­tern with your MIDI key­board to cre­ate a rugged old-school break.

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