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10. Get­ting retro with TAL-Sam­pler

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1 If you want a 90s, Akai-es­que retro feel, there are few bet­ter bits of kit out there than Togu Au­dio Line’s TAL-Sam­pler. Start by im­port­ing the au­dio files be­gin­ning ‘Rave…’ into a blank 160bpm pro­ject, then load TAL-Sam­pler onto each of two new MIDI tracks. 2 First, let’s make a clas­sic jun­gle-style timestretched vo­cal to fit be­fore the drop. Add Rave Vo­cal.mid on the first track to trig­ger the sam­pler, then open TAL-Sam­pler and bring up the Layer A tab. Drag in Vo­cal.wav, then turn off the Loop fea­ture so that the vo­cal snip plays in full when trig­gered. 3 TAL-Sam­pler of­fers two timestretch modes, mod­elled on the clas­sic Akai sam­pler al­go­rithm. Set mode to Cyclic, then ad­just Stretch un­til the vo­cal fills the en­tire four-bar gap be­fore the drop. Now, try In­tel­li­gent mode – the vo­cal sounds less ob­vi­ously stretched, but the Cyclic mode is more au­then­tic. 4 Next, we can make a cool layer for the riff that plays over the drop. Im­port Rave Riff.mid onto the sec­ond sam­pler track, then open TAL-Sam­pler. Drag Stab.wav onto Layer A with loop­ing dis­abled, then ad­just the De­lay con­trol to 0.01 sec­onds: this’ll push the sam­ple back from the grid to give a less ‘per­fect’ sound. 5 The Re­sam­pler of­fers a num­ber of DAC types that have been lov­ingly recre­ated from clas­sic sampling hard­ware. Choose the Emu II DAC Type. Re­duc­ing the sam­ple rate to around 22kHz will take some of the stab’s nat­u­ral shine away, giv­ing a lo-fi feel. 6 Ad­just­ing Bias to 0.5 changes how TAL-Sam­pler in­ter­nally re­sam­ples the au­dio for a slightly duller sound. A splash of Jit­ter and Hiss recre­ates the tone of a noisy dig­i­tal sam­pler cir­cuit, while pulling back Level grad­u­ally de­creases the signalto-noise ra­tio to emu­late lower sam­ple record­ing lev­els.

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