De­sign­ing the kick drum sound

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11:50 “We al­ways start out by find­ing the right kick to com­ple­ment the feel of the track,” says Hans. “Some tracks need a more punchy kick, and in this case we wanted to add to the whole live feel, so it sounds more like a live kick drum.” Daniël: “It re­ally sounds like a kick drum from a drum kit. We wanted to give a bit more beef to it, so here’s one of our favourite plu­g­ins: [Sound­toys] Lit­tle Ra­di­a­tor. You can hear the kick’s now got a bit more dis­tor­tion, a bit more beef.”

The kick is pro­cessed with EQ for low-end at­ten­u­a­tion and tran­sient shap­ing to shorten the tail. “We have a lot of bass be­cause of the bassline,” says Hans, “and you want room to let the bassline breathe. The kick in the low end has a long tail.” Daniël: “Later, when we had ev­ery­thing to­gether, we thought this kick could have a bit more punch, a bit more top – es­pe­cially when I was mix­ing. So we lay­ered a [Roland TR-]707 kick on top of it.” Hans: “It’s nice to have a kick that’s re­ally deep in the mix, but on dif­fer­ent kinds of sys­tems, it tends to not be no­tice­able as much as you’d like, so this ex­tra punch makes it feel much more bal­anced.”

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