Rhodes chords and solo

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32.00For the Fen­der Rhodes chords and Daniël’s solo, the duo em­ploy the Scar­bee Mk1 Rhodes li­brary, run­ning in Kon­takt. “It isn’t a re­ally fancy sound­ing Rhodes,” says Hans. “It’s re­ally straight­for­ward. We have Keyscape from Spec­tra­son­ics, which is a much more fleshed-out plugin that sounds re­ally good and de­tailed. But we tried to use that and it didn’t feel right, like it was part of the track.”

Daniël: “Keyscape sounded too good!” Hans: “The main Rhodes part – the chords – brings some re­ally nice vibes to the track, and then we wanted to add a solo. It gives it a more melan­cholic feel, and this is where Daniël re­ally shines, be­cause he’s the bet­ter key­board player. The pur­pose of this was that we wanted to bring it to life and make it feel like a live band, so what it needs is live in­stru­men­ta­tion, and this is our way of ap­proach­ing that. We recorded a lot of the so­los, try­ing to get it just right.”

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