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SpeakerSim CM’s con­cise set of con­trols make it an easy-to-use sig­nal sweet­ener. It’s ideal for crisp­ing up and ex­cit­ing drums, synths or vo­cals: switch to the Vin­tage Phone model, ap­ply a ju­di­cious amount of high-shelf boost, then bal­ance Dry/Wet mix to bal­ance the roughed-up sig­nal with the clean, dry sig­nal. Then, if you need more dy­namic squash and crunch, sim­ply crank up In­put and back off Out­put. Al­ter­na­tively, for flavour­some am­bi­ence, try the Old Ra­dio In Room model at var­i­ous Dry/Wet set­tings.

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