Waveform 9 $109-259

Computer Music - - Reviews / Cm Awards 2018 - Web track­tion.com For­mat Mac/PC/Linux

The lat­est ver­sion of this al­ways-in­no­va­tive DAW puts its quick and easy new sam­pler in­stru­ment, Multi Sam­pler, front and cen­tre. It also brings an ex­pan­sion on Track LFOs with six freely-as­sign­a­ble Track Mod­i­fier mo­du­la­tion de­vices, Macros, the abil­ity to cre­ate be­spoke plugin in­ter­faces, and Track Loops – up-to-24-track au­dio con­tain­ers that are han­dled like reg­u­lar stereo au­dio WAVs. For those un­fazed by its un­ortho­dox ways, Waveform could be a cre­ative gamechanger. 257 » 8/10

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