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This labyrinthine mul­ti­ef­fects plugin from Parisian de­vel­op­ers Blue Cat Au­dio uses an eight-tap stereo de­lay with two in­de­pen­dent feed­back loops as the foun­da­tion for an al­most lim­it­less mod­u­lar pro­cess­ing ar­chi­tec­ture. The de­lay is fan­tas­tic: in the Pat­tern and Feed­back Loops edi­tors, ev­ery tap and each feed­back loop can be freely po­si­tioned on its own lane in re­la­tion to the Base De­lay time, lev­elled and panned, while the In­er­tia con­trol sets how long it takes for de­lay time changes to hap­pen, from in­stant to slow and tape-like. There’s also a Ducker for de­clut­ter­ing, and a Freeze func­tion that al­lows for mix­ing of the buffered feed­back with the in­put and cross­feed sig­nals.

It’s in the pre, post and ‘dur­ing’ pro­cess­ing of the de­lay, how­ever, that Late Replies re­veals its tran­scen­dent depth and power. You see, as if be­ing a first-class de­lay wasn’t enough, the plugin also in­cludes a col­lec­tion of 30 ef­fects mod­ules and util­i­ties, in­clud­ing re­verbs, de­lays (the full Late Replies it­self be­ing one of them), EQ, fil­ters, dy­nam­ics, pitchshifters, har­monis­ers, cho­rus, phaser, etc, each one boast­ing a fully formed (if rather drab) GUI and sound­ing great. Up to four of these can be inserted into the Pre FX and Post FX sec­tions… as well as ev­ery sin­gle de­lay tap and both feed­back loops! And that’s not all: each and ev­ery in­sert point can, al­ter­na­tively, host an ex­ter­nal VST/AU plugin. Start­ing to get the pic­ture?

Quite hon­estly, even with­out the ef­fects mod­ules and plugin host­ing, we’d still have had no hes­i­ta­tion in rec­om­mend­ing Late Replies as one of the tasti­est de­lays around. Fac­tor those in, though, and you have… well, the best cre­ative ef­fect plugin of 2018! As we said in our re­view, Late Replies is “noth­ing short of es­sen­tial”.

251 » 10/10

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