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Web times­pace.com For­mat Mac/PC Dutch sound, in­stru­ment and ef­fect de­signer Rob Papen has built an amaz­ing ros­ter of vir­tual synths over the last decade, in­clud­ing Preda­tor, Blue and SubBoomBass. What the range has al­ways lacked, though, is a ‘bud­get’ op­tion for those who don’t nec­es­sar­ily need all the depth and ex­ten­sive fea­ture sets of those par­tic­u­lar pow­er­house in­stru­ments, but still covet their sound and tech­no­log­i­cal foun­da­tions.

Enter Go2, a thor­oughly ca­pa­ble of­fer­ing from Papen (and renowned coder Jon Ay­ers) at a price that puts it in reach of ev­ery­one. Go2 only has one os­cil­la­tor (plus a sine/square sub track­ing it an oc­tave be­low), but it’s an adapted ver­sion of the one from the flag­ship Preda­tor 2 synth, gen­er­at­ing two wave­forms at once (from a menu of 128) and thus, to all in­tents and pur­poses, qual­i­fy­ing as a pair. The two waves es are ma­nip­u­lated and mor­phed to cre­ate hy­brid rid shapes, and Go2’s en­velopes, LFO, Arpeg­gia­tor, eggia­tor, XY Pad and other mo­du­la­tion sources ces can be ex­ploited to con­trol the mor­ph­ing ph­ing in real time. The XY Pad is note­wor­thy: the ex­act same one found in many of Papen’s other r synths, it en­ables move­ment of the ‘puck’ to be e recorded and edited as a path. Two fil­ters and five ef­fects are also on­board.

Go2’s o2’s sin­gle-win­dow in­ter­face is touted as a key sell­ing point, but we don’t see it as a par­tic­u­larly big deal (with this or any other soft­synth). What re­ally mat­ters to us are the sound and work­flow, and on those fronts, Go2 is a bel­ter, de­liv­er­ing ev­ery­thing from basses and leads to pads and FX, with all the style and sub­stance we ex­pect from the Papen sta­ble, via an in­ter­face that, while by no-means ‘be­gin­ner­friendly’, is as ac­ces­si­ble as they come.

All that con­sid­ered, the sub-£50 pric­etag is quite as­ton­ish­ing.

258 » 9/10

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