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Ev­ery year, a new ver­sion of Waveform – the DAW pre­vi­ously known as Track­tion – is re­leased, and with it the one two ver­sions be­hind goes free, with noth­ing re­moved, no re­stric­tions ap­plied, no time­outs im­posed, and no nag screens worked in. With Waveform 9 com­ing out in 2018, then, the still-bril­liant Track­tion 7 can now be yours! If you’ve yet to give Track­tion/Waveform a try, we strongly urge you to head over to the web­site and get it in­stalled. And if you’re al­ready rock­ing v6, up­grad­ing will get you a pret­tier GUI, Clip Layer Ef­fects, Au­toma­tion Pat­terns, LFO Mod­i­fiers and more. Good times in­deed!

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