What he re­ally thinks about your cel­lulite

AND OTHER BODY BITS We try all sorts of wiz­ardry to look good naked – but why do we bother?! Cosmo hit the streets to ask some men what goes through their heads when they see us naked. Hint: it’s 99.9% ‘Hell yeah!’

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‘To be hon­est, I wouldn’t even no­tice it on a girl. If they have a nice smile and a fun per­son­al­ity, any­thing of that na­ture be­comes ir­rel­e­vant to me.’ – MITCH, 22

‘I think cel­lulite is a nat­u­ral part of the fe­male body. I know that a lot of girls worry about it un­nec­es­sar­ily but I ac­tu­ally find it quite sexy.’

– OL­LIE, 24


‘I’ve never heard of any­one break­ing up with a girl over stretchmarks; it’s just not some­thing guys even think about.’ – MICHAEL, 28

‘Girls over­think this one – we re­ally don’t even no­tice them.’ – PETE, 31


‘I love them all. I’ve never once thought that boob size re­lates to a girl’s at­trac­tive­ness. There’s so much more to a girl than just hav­ing big boobs.’ – MITCH, 22 ‘Big­ger doesn’t al­ways mean bet­ter. Some­times

I ac­tu­ally pre­fer small boobs.’ – PETE, 31


‘Hon­estly, guys are just happy to get your bra off.’ – DEAN, 29


‘I find tummy rolls more at­trac­tive than abs on a girl.’ – OL­LIE, 24

‘Most of us blokes love a lit­tle belly, it’s cute!’ – MICHAEL, 28


‘A big bum on a girl… isn’t that just nor­mal?’ – DEAN, 29


‘I al­most pre­fer it when a girl doesn’t have a thigh gap. Girls look bet­ter in biki­nis when they have strong legs without a gap. Strong over skinny.’ – MITCH, 22

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