THE 4 PIL­LAR PLAN, Dr Ran­gan Chat­ter­jee

(Pen­guin, $35)

Cosmopolitan (Australia) - - Special Cosmo Pride Issue -

Why should I lis­ten to him? Be­cause he’s a doc­tor. And he’s cool. And he’s also on TV (The Life­Style Chan­nel’s Doc­tor in the House).

Who’s it for? Those of us who want to get healthy, with­out giv­ing up on the things in life we love. Mainly, pasta.

What’s ac­tu­ally in it? It’s com­prised of four sec­tions: Eat, Sleep, Re­lax and Move, with de­tailed break­downs on how to in­cor­po­rate healthy habits into all ar­eas of your life.

Best piece of ad­vice That we need more Akker­man­sia muciniphila in our diet. It’s a type of gut bug as­so­ci­ated with weight loss, and can be found in onions, gar­lic, ar­ti­chokes and broc­coli.

Most use­less piece of ad­vice ‘Drink eight glasses of wa­ter a day.’ Yes, we all know it’s sen­si­ble, but it’s a bit ba­sic.

You can skip… There are blue pages with check boxes that sim­plify things right down, like ‘tak­ing a bath to re­lax’. The most use­ful stuff can be found in the case stud­ies, ex­plain­ing tech­niques that have helped his pa­tients. Give the over­sim­pli­fied check boxes a miss.

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