Bach­e­lor in Par­adise spe­cial: Ask Davey and Apollo any­thing

Our fave re­al­ity lothar­ios are back and look­ing for a sec­ond chance at love. Now they’re here to help you – yes you– with all your love ques­tions

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Af­ter miss­ing out on win­ning the hearts of Aus­tralia’s most beloved Bach­e­lorettes (we’re look­ing at you, Sam Frost and So­phie Monk!), Apollo Jack­son and Davey Lloyd have cer­tainly had their fair share of dat­ing high and lows, which makes them the per­fect pair to an­swer all your love dra­mas and dat­ing dilem­mas. Take it away, boys…

Q. I’m go­ing on a first date with a guy I’ve been chat­ting to on Tin­der for weeks and he wants me to plan it – what should I do? Davey ­ It’s Tin­der, so it’s go­ing to be a lit­tle awk­ward. Take the pres­sure off, ditch din­ner and plan some­thing fun that will break the ice, like an amuse­ment park date or bowl­ing. I’d be re­ally im­pressed if a girl did that.

Apollo ­ I think it’s a re­ally bold move for the guy to ask the girl to plan the first date. I think first dates need to be fun, old school and light­hearted. I would def­i­nitely be putting the ball back in his court af­ter­wards and make him plan date num­ber two.

Q. I’ve been tex­ting a guy I like, but some­times he takes hours or a whole day to get back to me. Does this mean he’s just not into me?

Apollo ­ It re­ally de­pends on the guy. I’m shock­ing at re­ply­ing, that’s my Achilles heel when it comes to re­la­tion­ships, but that’s be­cause I’ll be off writ­ing mu­sic and play­ing gui­tar for eight hours and then re­mem­ber I got a mes­sage from some­one and never wrote back. It de­pends what his ex­cuse for not re­ply­ing is. If he’s been sit­ting at the beach all day, not do­ing much and hasn’t replied, then that’s not great, but if he’s a busy dude and can’t use his phone at work, then maybe he’ll take a few hours to re­ply and that’s fine.

Davey ­ I al­ways have my phone on me at work so I do re­ply quite quickly. I don’t be­lieve in play­ing games or the whole ‘Treat them mean, keep them keen,’ thing. I think if you’re keen on them then just be nice and go for it.

Q. Should I get my boyfriend a present for our six-month an­niver­sary? If so, what?

Apollo ­ It can’t be a six ­month an­niver­sary be­cause an­niver­saries are a year thing. Davey ­ I to­tally agree with that!

Q. I’ve been on so many bad dates lately that I need some ‘get out of this date quick’ ex­cuses. Any sug­ges­tions?

Apollo ­ In my younger years, I didn’t have the best luck dat­ing, so I’ve heard plenty of them (laughs). There are some that are more be­liev­able than oth­ers. I’ve had: ‘My friend is re­ally sick and I’ve got to help her;’ ‘My par­ents need the car’ – that one’s ac­tu­ally be­liev­able – ‘I’ve got to be up early.’

Davey ­ You want hon­esty. If I was on a date and the girl gen­uinely said, ‘Look, I’m just not feel­ing it,’ that’s bet­ter than sit­ting there af­ter the date wait­ing to hear back from her, won­der­ing what I’ve done wrong.

Apollo ­ Can I change my an­swer to that? I agree that hon­esty is good. Other­wise, some­times you can get caught in your lie. Once, while on a date, a girl said to me that her friend’s boyfriend locked her out and she had to go pick her up. I of­fered to go with her and help but she said no. When I didn’t hear from her the next day I was wor­ried, so I mes­saged but didn’t hear any­thing back. I saw her a few days later in a park with an­other guy and quickly re­alised there was no friend in need…

Q. I’m about to meet my boyfriend’s par­ents for first time. Any tips to make them love me?

Davey ­ Don’t be in­tim­i­dated and ner­vous. I know that’s hard to do but if your boyfriend sees you be­ing open and want­ing to spend time with the fam­ily, then he’ll love that. I know I would. Apollo ­ I to­tally agree with Davey. If you’re try­ing to be some­one else and make them like you, that’s not go­ing to work – they want to see who their son is fall­ing in love with. Be in­ter­ested – even if the dad has a re­ally bor­ing job, ask him about it and lis­ten.

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