Off the grid with Alessia Cara

The singer talks all things In­sta, from celeb fol­lows to cap­tion skills

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Have you ever posted a pic­ture just so a cer­tain some­one would see it? Now not re­ally, but in high school I def­i­nitely posted stuff for a boy I liked.

In­sta habit you can’t stand? I don’t like when peo­ple are like, ‘I’m go­ing to delete this soon’ when they post some­thing, then they don’t. It’s like, why lie?

Are there any posts you kind of re­gret? I re­gret ev­ery­thing I post within sec­onds of post­ing it. Es­pe­cially self­ies – I rarely post pic­tures of my­self.

What’s your most pop­u­lar kind of post? If I post about a cer­tain city the lo­cal fans go nuts – If I post I’m in Syd­ney, I know the Syd­ney fans will be like ‘OMG’. Other than that I don’t know. I should be keep­ing track!

Who is your most fa­mous fol­lower? Oooh, I think Drake fol­lows me, which is pretty damn crazy. Do you fol­low him back? Of course! I’ve been fol­low­ing him for way too long…

Best cap­tion you’ve ever writ­ten?To be real with you, I ac­tu­ally pride my­self on amaz­ing cap­tions, so I would say all of them! I know that sounds vain, but I like them and I think they’re funny so I’m not go­ing say I don’t!

What’s the first thing you ever posted? It was a draw­ing of an eye thatI had done in 2014.

Fun­ni­est photo on your grid? This pic of me as a kid look­ing se­ri­ously ter­ri­fied.

Her most pop­u­lar post got: (and was, iron­i­cally, a selfie). 195,817

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