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Sagit­tar­ius 23.11–22.12

Full. Eff­ing. Speed. Ahead! First, the New Moon on the 7th (the day af­ter Mer­cury goes di­rect) jump-starts a new project. Then you’ll catch a lucky break on the 20th, when the Sun as­pects Uranus. Fin­ish strong as Mars moves into hot-blooded Aries on the 31st, mak­ing you the MVP of NYE. YOUR YEAR: Wake up! Your day­dreams are be­com­ing re­al­i­ties. Feb­ru­ary brings love, and April and June will have you vis­it­ing places on your bucket list. By July, a project close to your heart comes to life.

CAPRI­CORN 23.12–20.01

There’s no one more loyal to their crew than you, but that doesn’t mean you have to go along for every sleigh ride. Host a soirée – chez you – for a quiet night of qual­ity time. You’ll be ready to revel when the Sun moves into your sign on the 21st. CAPRI­CORN GUY: He’s stressed about work, so show him love.

TAU­RUS 21.04–21.05

Say say­onara to stress when your ruler, Venus, re-en­ters your re­la­tion­ship zone on the 2nd. The Full Moon, on the 22nd, is in your zone of friends and is the per­fect ex­cuse to take your pos­i­tive vibes on pa­rade (read: hol­i­day party hop­ping!). TAU­RUS GUY: He has love and af­fec­tion on tap, so let it flow, both ways.

VIRGO 24.08–23.09

Fun is on the hori­zon. With your ruler, in­tel­li­gent Mer­cury, ret­ro­grade till the 6th, you may need to redo a job. Once that’s sorted, you can set­tle in for snug­gles and hol­i­day rom-coms at home with your besties. VIRGO GUY: By month’s end, he will be laser-fo­cussed on you so let him have his fun first.

AQUARIUS 21.01–19.02

All that work? Worth it. You’ll sail into the 2nd, once glam­orous Venus moves back into your zone of fame and suc­cess. Don’t be shy about cel­e­brat­ing, es­pe­cially when your buds want to make merry with you around mid-month. AQUARIUS GUY: Some good news is mak­ing him want to throw a big bash. En­joy!

GEMINI 22.05–21.06

Hey there, hot stuff. Ev­ery­one is try­ing to get you un­der the mistle­toe – but work is hella hec­tic too. Be­ing a good lis­tener, in the of­fice and out, is im­por­tant right now. Mer­cury is ret­ro­grade un­til the 6th and then moves into your re­la­tion­ship zone on the 12th. GEMINI GUY: He’s a dude di­vided. Be pa­tient.

LI­BRA 24.09–23.10

Your rul­ing planet, sexy Venus, is fi­nally di­rect af­ter a long ret­ro­grade and moves into your money zone on the 2nd. That means good things for your bud­get dur­ing a spendy time of year. LI­BRA GUY: He makes ev­ery­one feel spe­cial, but you’ll never be­lieve what he has in store for you.

PISCES 20.02–20.03

Crush that checklist! With pas­sion­ate Mars in your sign all month, you’re get­ting shiz done and ex­pand­ing your knowl­edge base. On the 5th, when the Sun as­pects your ruler, in­tu­itive Nep­tune, set goals for next year. PISCES GUY: Home­boy is in the zone. Cheer him on while he makes his dreams re­al­i­ties.

CAN­CER 22.06–22.07

Your puz­zle is com­ing to­gether. You’ve put a lot into a work win, but if there are still miss­ing pieces, the 16th is a great day to find con­sen­sus among col­leagues. A lit­tle fun awaits when a dreamy Full Moon en­ters your sign on the 22nd. CAN­CER GUY: Let him pout in peace and you’ll get a gift in re­turn.

SCOR­PIO 24.10–22.11

Sleigh, girl! With Venus in your sign on the 2nd, you’re run­ning cir­cles around ev­ery­one. Thanks to your megawatt aura and clear mind, magic is im­mi­nent. At month’s end, fly to an ex­otic lo­ca­tion, or check out a new spot in town. SCOR­PIO GUY: The fire is strong with this boy, so get ready for some Christ­mas lovin’.

ARIES 21.03-20.04

You will kick butt this month at work – even though the New Moon, on the 7th, en­ter­ing your ad­ven­ture zone may make you rest­less. You’ll shift into high gear when your ruler, Mars, moves into your sign on the 31st. ARIES GUY: En­joy the ride with Mr Im­pul­sive, but bring your com­mon sense with you.

LEO 23.07–23.08

’Tis the sea­son for you to glow. Ro­mance, and maybe an ex, will knock on your door af­ter Mer­cury en­ters your zone of love and fun on the 12th. Just guard your wal­let ’cause with such a full heart, over­do­ing it on gift­ing sprees is tempt­ing. LEO GUY: Your guy is the anti-Grinch – he does hol­i­days right. Lucky you!


SAGIT­TAR­IUS GUY JAKE GYL­LEN­HAAL 19.12.80 Your main man is a to­tal so­cial but­ter­fly but may be send­ing mixed mes­sages. So set things straight!

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