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Have a Li’l Night­cap

Pour your­selves some­thing (wine, tea, what­ever), and sit down at the kitchen ta­ble as if it’s the new, most ex­clu­sive date spot in town. ‘At first, you might think; this is awk­ward. What are we go­ing to talk about?’ says psy­chother­a­pist Jean Fitz­patrick, a mar­riage coun­sel­lor and cou­ples ther­a­pist. But this is an ideal time to have each other’s un­di­vided at­ten­tion, and re­search shows that when you and your part­ner open up to each other, it can make you feel more con­nected. Although you don’t need to re­hash ev­ery­thing. Just start with a 10­minute chat­and­sip to share one up­beat thing each (such as a work win or a great phone call with your BFF). Be­fore you know it, you’ll both be crav­ing this spe­cial catch­up over drinks... and lin­ger­ing longer.

Say ‘You’re Cute… I Like You’

That smirk babe gave you when you left for the gym this morn­ing was so sexy. And now look at them tak­ing out the garbage in the pour­ing rain... What a guy! When you’re get­ting ready to call it a night, make sure to say some­thing like, ‘Thank you for do­ing that ear­lier,’ to let them know you ap­pre­ci­ate the small things they do. ‘This does two things: One, it makes you hap­pier be­cause you’re see­ing the good,’ says Win­ter. ‘And two, it makes them feel ap­pre­ci­ated.’ Both cre­ate good vibes to hit the sheets with.

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