Show­ers, Grow­ers, Lean­ers and Smaller Than Aver­age

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The size and length you see when he’s flac­cid are close to what you get when he’s erect. That’s be­cause his pickle nat­u­rally has less elastin (aka stretchy stuff) and more col­la­gen (aka thick­en­ers), so there re­ally won’t be much hulk­ing­up hap­pen­ing when he’s aroused.


These pants pup­pies are rel­a­tively short and small at rest, long and large at play. Grow­ers have more elastin and less col­la­gen, so they can su­per size them­selves when the time is right. But they also tend to shrink more in cold tem­per­a­tures, which con­strict blood ves­sels. (He’ll re­turn to nor­mal once he thaws out.)


A curved pe­nis is both nor­mal and com­mon. His unique an­gle might even hit you just right dur­ing P­in­V sex. That said, if your guy no­tices a ma­jor new lean when he’s not erect, he should see his GP. It could be a sign of Pey­ronie’s dis­ease, a con­di­tion in which fi­brous tis­sue builds up and causes curves, in­dents and short­en­ing.

Smaller than aver­age

Around only two per cent of men have what’s of­fi­cially con­sid­ered a small pe­nis, which is ap­prox­i­mately 9.4 cen­time­tres or shorter when erect. How­ever, an ac­tual mi­cro­pe­nis is even more rare, clock­ing in at fewer than 8.4 cen­time­tres when stand­ing at at­ten­tion.

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