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Be­cause of the ul­tra-long na­ture of the ex­po­sure, cre­at­ing so­largraphs can be risky. Cans taped to trees or poles in­vites the pos­si­bil­ity of theft or tam­per­ing by cu­ri­ous peo­ple or an­i­mals. The el­e­ments might not be kind ei­ther – leaves can grow in front of a lens and ghostly im­ages can be formed when wind shifts the cam­era. Try to set up your cam­eras on pri­vate prop­erty and in hard-to-reach places, like a few me­tres off the ground. Your pa­per will prob­a­bly still be blem­ished by mois­ture or furred by mould. But part of the charm comes from ‘ru­ina­tion’ – the un­pre­dictable colour­ing can be as aes­thet­i­cally in­ter­est­ing as the Sun trails them­selves.

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