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Cosmos - - End Point -

“I couldn’t pos­si­bly have be­come a mem­ber of this in­sti­tute if I hadn’t founded it my­self.” (5,4) IN­STRUC­TIONS

Put the an­swers to each of the clues in col­umns from 1 to 9. Row V re­veals the an­swer.


1 In ad­di­tion to Hamil­ton, who is com­mem­o­rated in the only me­chan­ics equa­tion in which the mo­tion of a par­ti­cle is rep­re­sented as a wave? (6)

2 Which ad­jec­tive means “kid­ney-shaped”? (8)

3 In bi­ol­ogy, what is asex­ual re­pro­duc­tion, es­pe­cially ag­amo­spermy, where all the off­spring have the same ge­netic makeup? (8)

4 Lin­guis­ti­cally, what is a sci­en­tific name when the generic and the spe­cific are the same, as in Chlo­ris chlo­ris? (8)

5 What is a pit or de­pres­sion in a bone? (5)

6 What is the sta­tis­ti­cal para­dox that ap­pears in dif­fer­ent groups of data and dis­ap­pears when these groups are com­bined? (7)

7 Which Aus­tralian won the 2009 No­bel Prize in Phys­i­ol­ogy or Medicine? (9)

8 What type of plane is formed when a cone is cut obliquely by a plane which does not in­ter­sect the cone’s base? (7)

9 What is the common name of the large grasshop­pers of the fam­ily Tet­tigo­ni­idae, known for their loud sound? (7)

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