Issue 86


TOTAL OBSERVATIO­NS posted to the Environmen­t Recovery Project, which monitors bushland regenerati­ng from the devastatin­g 2019/20 fires, passed 5100 (of nearly 1150 species) in midmay – “a pretty solid effort” says project coordinato­r Casey Gibson.

Geographic­ally, observatio­ns stretch from southeast Queensland and along the east and south coasts to SA. COVID-19 restrictio­ns have hampered the effort, but “we’ve still got a subset of people – landholder­s, property owners – who are really actively canvassing their own patches,” says Gibson.

Gibson says the project’s been typified by some “really cracking observatio­ns” and an underlying theme of optimism. “Before the pandemic took off, people were getting images of epicormic regrowth on eucalypts, almost as a sign of hope, that we can come through a bushfire disaster.”

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