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Megan and Duncan Trous­dale of Odgers and Mcclel­land Ex­change Stores, Nun­dle, NSW. “The gen­tler light of au­tumn re­veals dew­drops in in­tri­cate spi­der webs among the skele­tons of sum­mer veg­etable crops left to dry and seed,” says Megan. “The gar­den is dot­ted with gold and red hues as the box el­ders, claret ash, and pome and stone fruit trees start to colour. Soon the ground is lit­tered with leaves we let self-mulch or mow and scat­ter on gar­den beds.” Frosts and lit­tle rain in the north­ern NSW high­lands can make veg­etable gar­den­ing hard, but there’s al­ways some­thing to grow, such as cap­sicums (right) or gar­lic. “In au­tumn, we plant gar­lic cloves from Roy’s Gar­lic, a lo­cal in­sti­tu­tion,” says Megan. The great­est thing about grow­ing food is shar­ing it. “I can count on veteran Nun­dle gar­dener Beth Moore, who’s in her eight­ies, to drop in a bag of in­trigu­ing-look­ing golden med­lars for mak­ing med­lar jelly.” As is the coun­try way, any ex­cess pro­duce is pre­served to last through­out win­ter. Visit ex­change­stores.com.au

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