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A young and “meaty” White Dorper ram lamb was judged grand cham­pion against an older ewe.

Kaya stud’s sta­ble young ram im­pressed judge Sandy Forbes with its meaty hindquar­ter.

She said she usu­ally favoured age on an an­i­mal, but the young ram had meat and mus­cle in all the right places.

“I usu­ally have dif­fi­culty choos­ing young an­i­mals over older ones. This sheep not only had meat but also showed the right mus­cle, great topline and ex­cel­lent pre­sen­ta­tion,” she said.

“It’s a well put to­gether ex­hibit and the breeder should be proud of what they have achieved. It’s a prime ex­am­ple of ev­ery­thing that is right in a ram lamb.”

Pictures: Rueben Hale

Kaya Ridgetop

El­ders stud stock agent Michael O'Neill, judge Sandy Forbes and Kaya Dorper and White Dor­pers stud man­ager Wi­cus Du Plessis with the grand cham­pion ram.

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