No. 379

Countryman - - COMICS -

1. In which US city and state would you find Har­vard Univer­sity?

2. Which co­me­dian and ac­tor wrote the book I’m Not Re­ally Here? 3. Krispy Kreme first opened in Aus­tralia in which year?

4. The Sil­ures peo­ple were from which is­land? 5. But­ters Stotch is a char­ac­ter in which TV se­ries?

6. Tokyo is lo­cated on which Ja­panese is­land?

7. Who won the 2008 Ju­nior Boys Aus­tralian Ten­nis Cham­pi­onships?

8. In 1999, who re­leased her de­but sin­gle Have a Look?

9. True or false – If an atom is neg­a­tively charged it is called an an­ion?

10. Which 2008 film stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Rus­sell Crowe as CIA agents?

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