No. 380

Countryman - - COMICS -

1. Which TV se­ries is based on a late night sketch com­edy show called TGS?

2. What is the small­est of Canada’s three fed­eral ter­ri­to­ries?

3. The Syd­ney Swifts play which sport? 4. Saturn’s prom­i­nent sys­tem of rings con­sist mostly of what?

5. The Statue of Lib­erty was pre­sented to the US by which coun­try?

6. Scurvy is caused by a de­fi­ciency of which vi­ta­min?

7. Which three colours are on the flag of Sene­gal? 8. With which chil­dren’s mu­si­cal group would you as­so­ciate Cap­tain Feather­sword?

9. True or false – The Good Guys is a sub­sidiary of Har­vey Nor­man Hold­ings Lim­ited?

10. Lote Tuqiri was born in which coun­try?

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