No. 394

Countryman - - COMICS -

1. What is the of­fi­cial cur­rency of Is­rael?

2. In what year was the magazine CLEO first pub­lished?

3. Who was the first US pres­i­dent to be the father of twins?

4. Ni­cole Kid­man was born in which city? 5. Who plays Tara Greg­son in the TV se­ries United States of Tara? 6. El­lis Is­land be­longs to which bor­ough of New York City?

7. What is the of­fice of the Pope called?

8. In 2008, who re­leased the al­bum We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things? 9. True or false – Julius Cae­sar’s real first name was Gaius?

10. In which 2002 movie did Jen­nifer Lopez play the role of a maid?

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