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1. Who was the host of the 2009 TV series True Beauty? 2. The Ja­panese flag is white with what colour cir­cle?

3. Who won the 2009 Women’s World Triathlon Crown?

4. How many dif­fer­ent words are used in the book Green Eggs and Ham? 5. Which great Aus­tralian build­ing was for­mally opened on 20 Oc­to­ber 1973?

6. Who was the first black woman to play Mary Mag­da­lene in Je­sus Christ Su­per­star?

7. Lake Ped­der is lo­cated in which Aus­tralian state? 8. Who wrote the 1960 book This Sport­ing Life?

9. True or false – Del­vene De­laney’s real name is Dar­lene Jones?

10. The Snurfer was the first type of what?

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