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Num­bers were up at last week’s sale at Mt Barker, with a to­tal of 964 mixedqual­ity cat­tle yarded.

Prices gained on bet­ter qual­ity stores, with a grow­ing de­mand for store and feeder cat­tle. Heavy cows topped the mar­ket at 200¢/kg, with prices eas­ing on the lesser qual­ity cows of­fered. Good qual­ity weaner steers topped the mar­ket at 346¢/kg.

Heavy­weight weaner steers sold for 328¢ to 330¢/kg and medium weights (280-330kg) for 330¢ to 344¢/kg, while lighter weights gained 20¢/kg to sell for 312¢ to 346¢/kg to av­er­age 332¢/kg. Weaner heifers sold for 220¢ to 308¢/ kg, to av­er­age 278¢/kg.

Yearling steers sold for 288¢ to 330¢/ kg, to av­er­age 307¢/kg, while yearling heifers sold for 212¢ to 290¢/kg, to av­er­age 255¢/kg. Grown steers (600-750kg) sold for 238¢/kg. Steers weigh­ing between 500-600kg sold for 250¢ to 268¢/kg, av­er­ag­ing 259¢/kg, while the lighter grown steers sold for 235¢ to 312¢/kg for the bet­ter qual­ity steers.

Grown heifers weigh­ing over 540kg sold for 198¢ to 228¢/kg.

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