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There were 10,000 sheep and lambs penned and num­bers were up by 1000 head in a very mixed qual­ity yard­ing.

It was a very strong trade lamb sale, with val­ues up $5 to $10/ head and the mut­ton and ram mar­ket gained $5/head on in­creased de­mand.

Young Merino wethers in­creased by $8/head, with feed­lot­ters back in the mar­ket, show­ing faith in forth­com­ing live ex­port de­mand.

There was a notable de­cline in the num­ber of re­stock­ers at­tend­ing, no doubt due to the Mel­bourne Cup, and con­se­quently val­ues eased $10/head on the light store Merino ewes.

With very lit­tle live ex­port ac­tiv­ity, heavy wethers eased $10/head, the only de­cline in the mut­ton mar­ket.

In the lamb sec­tion, gra­ziers paid from $35 to $60/head for very light cross­bred stores, with medium weight mak­ing from $82 to $96/head to re­main firm.

Air­freight types to trade sold from $85 to $126/head, gain­ing $5 to $10/head.

Trade weights made from $124 to $145/head, up $5 to $10/head to re­main firm, with heav­ies mak­ing $158/head.

Ram lambs were from $55 to $90/head and all lightweights re­mained firm.

Best Hoggets sold from $92 to $110/head to the trade, up $10/ head, with re­stock­ers pay­ing from $75 to $80/head for ewe hoggets eas­ing $10/head on re­duced de­mand.

Very light store Merino young ewes to re­stock­ers sold from $40 to $73/head, eas­ing $10/head as were the medium weights mak­ing from $80 to $90/head.

The light weight young wethers to gra­ziers sold from $48 to $106/head, up $8/head on in­creased de­mand.

The mut­ton mar­ket in­creased $5/head on boner ewes, mak­ing from $86 to $104/head.

Light younger types to re­stock­ers sold from $60 to $125/head to re­main firm.

Trade ewes made $105/head to be firm, with heav­ies mak­ing from $100 to $126/head, up $5/head.

Prime wethers sold from $100 to $126/head to pro­ces­sors eas­ing $10/head and rams sold pri­mar­ily from $40 to $89/head to pro­ces­sors, up $5/head.

Sheep high­lights

A Rechichi & Son, Wan­na­mal: 63 cross breed suck­ers ($145.50).

Dg & Nl Hill, Wan­na­mal: 80 Suf­folk cross suck­ers ($129).

Richard Smith & Sons, Gooma­lling: 38 Suf­folk cross breed lambs ($140.50).

Dj & Lm Jupp, Northampton: 12 cross breed suck­ers ($132).

Ke & Ce Jef­ferys, North Dan­dalup: 10 Boarder Le­ices­ter cross suck­ers ($132).

Mj Crowther & J Cor­lessCrowther, Calin­giri: 66 Merino ewe mut­ton ($122.50).

RU Travers & Co, Wat­ten­ing: 51 Merino ewe mut­ton ($120)

Kr & Pd Haeusler, Wan­na­mal: 39 boarder Le­ices­ter cross ewe mut­ton ($126).

T & S Martino, Toodyay: Two Merino wethers ($120.50).


There were 2269 head of live weight cat­tle penned, up 170 head.

The pas­toral heifers eased 10¢ to 25¢/kg on the weight of num­bers. Live ex­port de­mand was stronger and their bull pur­chases were 30¢/kg dearer.

Young lo­cal cat­tle gained 5¢ to 30¢/kg on strong feeder de­mand.

Grown heifers gained 30¢, qual­ity driven, how­ever heavy cat­tle to pro­ces­sors eased by 10¢ to 30¢/kg.

In the lo­cal sec­tion of the yard­ing, the vealer steers sold from

280¢ to 374¢, av­er­ag­ing 340¢, up 4¢/kg. Vealer heifers made from 212¢ to 280¢, up 20¢ to the trade, with feed­ers pay­ing from 120¢ to 260¢ for year­ling heifers.

The year­ling steers sold from 280c to 318c/kg, to re­main firm.

The grown heifers gained 30c, mak­ing from 212¢ to 274¢/kg on a bet­ter se­lec­tion.

Grown steers were all pas­toral and eased 30¢, sell­ing from 180¢ to 280¢/kg. Very light weight cows, in­clud­ing pas­torals, mainly sold from 52¢ to 144¢ to feed­ers, back 30¢/kg.

The two score medium weights sold from 160¢ to 180¢, back 15¢, with the prime lines mak­ing from 180¢ to 208¢, down 12¢/kg.

Light weight bulls, in­clud­ing pas­torals, to live ex­port sold from 288¢ to 340¢, up 30¢/kg. Medium weights to live ex­port sold from 192¢ to 284¢, up 30¢, with heavy weights to pro­ces­sors mak­ing from 170¢ to 200¢, down 10¢/kg.

In the pas­toral sec­tion, vealer steers sold from 124¢ to 264¢, up 4¢/kg.

Light vealer heifers sold from 10¢ to 92¢, medium weights sold from 100¢ to 202¢, all back 25¢/kg.

Very light year­ling steers made from 132¢ to 210¢, back 50¢/kg.

The medium weights made from 240¢ to 318¢, up 8¢/kg on a bet­ter se­lec­tion.

Cat­tle high­lights

LR, GT & IJ Simmons, Brook­ton: 12 Mur­ray Grey steers (265kg, 348¢/kg, $923); 11 Mur­ray Grey steers (247kg, 354c/kg, $875).

Ama­roo Blon­des, Mundi­jong: two Blonde d’ Aquitaine heifer (375kg, 280¢/kg, $1050).

Wi Light­body, Quairad­ing: one Here­ford steer (532kg, 264¢/kg, $1,404); one Sim­men­tal cross heifer (382kg, 280¢/kg, $1069).

P & F Gangemi, Hazelmere: nine An­gus steers (353kg, 318¢/ kg, $1,123); seven An­gus steers (324kg, 324¢/kg, $1,049); nine An­gus heifers (298kg, 322¢/kg, $959); three An­gus bulls, (282kg, 326¢/kg, $921).

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