Try­ing to pull the wool over our eyes has a cost

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Re­cent let­ters to the press have sug­gested that the ABC ex­hibits an an­tipa­thy to­wards farm­ers.

I think the ABC is also averse to other in­dus­tries.

His­tory tells us that Aus­tralia was de­vel­oped on the sheep’s back, but ABC ac­tivism has cost our sheep farm­ers many mil­lions of dol­lars.

First it was the ABC’s cam­paign against the mules op­er­a­tion, a con­fronting prac­tice de­vel­oped to pro­tect our wool-pro­duc­ing Merino sheep from fly­strike.

A sheep struck by a pri­mary blowfly will die a hor­ri­ble death, as seething mag­gots turn their wool into a pu­trid, rot­ting mass that even­tu­ally causes the un­for­tu­nate an­i­mal to die from blood poi­son­ing.

If, how­ever, it is struck by the se­condary blow fly, the an­i­mal is slowly eaten alive by big, hairy mag­gots.

Although they are fully aware that mulesing Merino lambs is the right thing to do, many farm­ers find the prac­tice con­fronting.

When they were por­trayed as cruel, un­car­ing mon­sters by the un­know­ing ABC-led me­dia over this is­sue, rather than leav­ing their an­i­mals un­pro­tected, they aban­don Merino sheep al­to­gether and turned to fat lamb pro­duc­tion.

Be­cause of this change, hun­dreds of farm­ers have missed out on the re­cent boom in wool prices, and wool pro­duc­tion in Aus­tralia has been dec­i­mated.

Then, de­spite the fact that live sheep have been trans­ported by ship since the First Fleet, it seems that ABC ac­tivism has ef­fec­tively de­stroyed the live sheep trade.

Not con­tent with the dam­age thus far in­flicted, the ABC has now launched a dis­grace­ful at­tack on the world’s uni­ver­sally ac­claimed her­bi­cide, glyphosate.

This chem­i­cal, as well as con­trol­ling weeds in crops, is used in the prac­tice known as spray-top­ping.

The chem­i­cal is sprayed on the pas­ture just prior to ma­tu­rity.

This has the ef­fect of turn­ing the pas­ture into a ver­sion of stand­ing hay and pre­vents the seeds of bar­ley grass, brome grass and other plants from de­vel­op­ing and be­com­ing stuck in the eyes and wool of sheep.

Glyphosate is both in­valu­able and ir­re­place­able. As some­one who has used glyphosate ev­ery year since it be­came avail­able, I be­lieve it to be, by far, the safest chem­i­cal on the farm, much safer than com­mon house­hold prod­ucts like paints, de­ter­gents, air fresh­en­ers, hair sprays and cos­metic creams.

But, ABC ac­tivism against the sheep and wool in­dus­try is less dam­ag­ing to the in­dus­try than its at­tacks on the huge coal in­dus­try, prompted by the ABC’s adopted role as cheer­leader for the global warm­ing scam.

Per­haps it is time for a royal com­mis­sion into the ABC? Bruce Har­vey, Hy­lows, Moorine Rock

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