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Muchea Live­stock Cen­tre penned 10,934 sheep and lambs on Tues­day, a rise of 2000 head on the pre­vi­ous week’s count.

Over­all, the sale was de­scribed as be­ing very good, es­pe­cially as there was no sup­port from live ex­port buy­ers.

A very strong trade lamb sale saw val­ues rise by $5 to $10/head on the pre­vi­ous week’s val­ues, while the mut­ton mar­ket gained $3 to $7/head in price.

Young Merino wethers rose $7/head in price on con­tin­ued con­fi­dence.

In the lamb sec­tion, gra­ziers paid $32 to $79/head for very light cross­bred stores. Air­freight types to trade sold for $70 to $114/head and trade lambs for $120 to $158/ head, with the heav­ies sell­ing for $152 to $160/head.

Ram lambs sold for $112 to $115/ head. The best hoggets sold for $90 to $117/head to the trade and re­stock­ers paid $63 to $112/head for ewe hoggets.

Very light store Merino young ewes sold to re­stock­ers for $35 to $66/head.

Very light­weight young wethers sold to gra­ziers for $31 to $77/head, with medium weights at $89 to $98/ head, a rise of $7/head on in­creased de­mand.

The mut­ton mar­ket con­tin­ued to be strong, with boner ewes sell­ing for $55 to $92/head and light younger types sell­ing to re­stock­ers for $69 to $88/head firm. Trade ewes sold for $95 to $105/head and heavy weights $110 to $129/head.

Prime wethers sold for $105 to $120/head to pro­ces­sors, with the bet­ter rams at mainly $60 to $80/ head, also sell­ing to pro­ces­sors.

Sheep high­lights

Sac Reinke, Badgin­garra: Nine Dor­per lambs (top $159).

Riverblue In­vest­ments, El­gin: 105 Suf­folk-cross sucker lambs (top $155).

RA & T Chitty, Toodyay: 40 Ile De France lambs (top $156.50).

KR & PD Haeusler, Wana­mal: 29 Boarder Leices­ter-cross lambs (top $156)

GB Hay­wood, Dan­dara­gan: 15 cross-bred lambs (top $160).

GC & HJ Sch­meld & Co, Bea­con: 95 Merino ewe mut­ton (top $133.50).

W & LM Far­lie, Dow­erin: 23 Merino ewe mut­ton (top $138); 63 Merino wethers (top $119.50).

SG Cole­man & Co, Cun­derdin: 53 Merino ewe mut­ton (top $122.50); five cross-bred wethers (top $120).

A Rechichi & Son, Wan­na­mal: 63 cross-bred suck­ers (top $145.50).

DG & NL Hill, Wan­na­mal: 80 Suf­folk-cross suck­ers (top $129).

Richard Smith & Sons, Gooma­lling: 38 Suf­folk cross-bred lambs (top $140.50).

DJ & LM Jupp, Northamp­ton: 12 cross-bred suck­ers (top $132).


Muchea Live­stock Cen­tre recorded 2100 head of live-weight cat­tle this week. Live ex­porters were very ac­tive, which re­sulted in light and medium-weight bulls and year­ling steers ris­ing in price by 10¢/kg.

In the pas­toral sec­tion, vealer and year­ling steers gained 10¢ to 40¢/kg on a bet­ter se­lec­tion.

In the man­u­fac­tur­ing grades, prime cows and prime-grown heifers eased, with a much larger se­lec­tion penned this week.

In the lo­cal sec­tion of the yard­ing, vealer steers sold for 300¢ to 372¢/kg, up 30¢/kg on com­par­a­tive types. Vealer heifers sold for 182¢ to 262¢/kg to feed­ers. Year­ling steers were up 10¢/kg, driven by live ex­port de­mand, to sell for 234¢ to 310¢/kg.

Grain-as­sisted year­ling heifers eased 30¢/kg in price, to sell for 220¢ to 270¢/kg on a big­ger se­lec­tion. Grown heifers eased 30¢/kg in price, sell­ing for 210¢ to 230¢/kg on a bet­ter se­lec­tion.

Grown steers sold for 280¢/kg, to re­main firm in price.

Very light­weight cows, in­clud­ing pas­torals, sold for 80¢ to 144¢/kg to feed­ers. Score 2 medium weights sold for 150¢ to 194¢/kg, up 8¢/kg, with the prime lines mak­ing from 190¢ to 218¢/kg, eas­ing 5¢/kg, again on a larger se­lec­tion.

Light­weight bulls, in­clud­ing pas­torals to live ex­port, sold for 238¢ to 320¢/kg, up 10¢/kg.

Medium weights sold to live ex­port for 190¢ to 278¢/kg, up 10¢/ kg, with heavy weights sell­ing to pro­ces­sors for 174¢ to 220¢/kg, a rise of 20¢/kg.

In the pas­toral sec­tion, vealer steers sold for 120¢ to 268¢/kg, up 10¢/kg. Light vealer heifers sold for 54¢ to 98¢/kg, with medium weights sell­ing for 96¢ to 132¢/kg.

Very light year­ling steers sold for 100¢ to 276¢/kg, to re­main firm. Medium weights sold for 198¢ to 264¢/kg, to be up 40¢/kg, driven by live ex­porters.

Light­weight year­ling heifers sold for 92¢ to 126¢/kg, eas­ing 5¢/kg, while medium weights sold for 188¢ to 222¢/kg. Grown pas­toral steers sold for 192¢ to 250¢/kg.

Cat­tle high­lights

Hase­ley Stud, Toodyay: 46 MSA Drought­mas­ter-cross heifers (246¢/kg, $1091).

Jerome Pilk­ing­ton, Bre­mer Bay: 76 Angus steers (270¢/kg, $1225).

RJ & FJ Nan­car­row, Pin­jarra: 16 Angus steers (390kg, 318¢/kg $1240).

G Wa­ters, Coolup: five Mur­ray Grey heifers (385kg, 270¢/kg, $1040).

CN Green & Co, Moo­li­abee­nee: Five Mur­ray Grey heifers (379kg, 270¢/kg, $1024).

Ban­gadang Pty Ltd, Chit­ter­ing: Eight Angus cows (617kg, 190¢/kg, $1172).

Mooloo Downs Stn, Gin­gin: 16 Brah­man-cross cows (487kg, 194¢/ kg, $945).

Bullara Est P/L, Carnar­von: Eight Drought­mas­ter-cross cows (476kg, 198¢/kg, $943).

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