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Num­bers were down at Mt Barker sa­le­yards last week, with 1613 mainly prime cat­tle yarded.

It was a unique sale in that pre­dom­i­nately prime cat­tle were of­fered, with fewer store lines than usual. A qual­ity yard­ing of Angus weaner steers sold to a top price of 348¢/kg, while heifers sold to a top price of 316¢/kg.

A large yard­ing of cows re­sulted in this cat­e­gory sell­ing for a top of 208¢/kg.

Heavy­weight weaner steers sold for 318¢ to 328¢/kg and medium weights (280-330kg) sold for 310¢ to 330¢/kg, while lighter weights sold for 278¢ to 348¢/kg, to av­er­age 317¢/ kg. Weaner heifers sold for 220¢ to 316¢/kg, to av­er­age 270¢/kg.

Year­ling steers sold for 280¢ to 320¢/kg, to av­er­age 305¢/kg, while year­ling heifers gained 8¢/kg in price, sell­ing for 200¢ to 290¢/kg, de­pend­ing on qual­ity, to av­er­age 271¢/kg. Grown steers (600-750kg) sold for 236¢ to 264¢/kg, to av­er­age 252¢/kg, and the lighter steers (500600kg) sold for 246¢ to 262¢/kg.

Grown heifers (over 540kg) sold for 200¢ to 238¢/kg, to av­er­age 223¢/ kg, while heavy prime cows sold for 165¢ to 208¢/kg, to av­er­age 194¢/kg.

Low-yield­ing medium and light­weight cows with calves re­cently weaned sold for 150¢ to 160¢/kg.

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