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Muchea Live­stock Cen­tre recorded a yard­ing of 12,612 sheep and lambs on Tues­day, a rise of more than 3680 head.

Pro­ces­sors paid $4 to $8/head ex­tra for trade lambs and hoggets, with young Merino sheep sell­ing to feed­ers and re­stock­ers up $5 to $10/head.

The mut­ton mar­ket re­mained firm, even though the day’s in­crease in the num­bers penned were all in this sec­tion.

In the lamb sec­tion, air­freight types to the trade sold for $85 to $117/head, gain­ing $8/head.

Trade lambs weigh­ing 20-22kg sold for $141 to $165/head, av­er­ag­ing 705¢/kg cwt, up $8/head.

Heavy lambs sold for $163 to $168/head, up $4/head.

Hoggets to the trade mainly sold for $90 to $130/head, up $10/ head, with ram lambs stay­ing firm, re­ceiv­ing from $87 to $130/ head.

Very light store Merino young ewes sold to re­stock­ers for $34 to $85/head, up $5/head, and medium weights for $102 to $130/head, up $10/head.

The very light weight young wethers sold to gra­ziers for $40 to $50/head, to re­main firm, with medium weights $5 dearer, sell­ing for $86 to $130/head.

The mut­ton mar­ket con­tin­ued to be strong, as pro­ces­sors paid $60 to $110/head for boner ewes, $105 to $114/head for trade ewes and $106 to $130/head for heavy ewe mut­ton, all hold­ing firm.

Prime wethers sold for $106 to $120/head to pro­ces­sors, to re­main firm, with gra­ziers pay­ing from $75 to $105/head for store types.

Sheep high­lights

MJ & JM Smith, Cowaramup: 136 Suf­folk-cross lambs ($165).

G & D Wil­son, Ser­pen­tine: 47 Dor­per-cross lambs ($168).

CG Boyle, Pi­awan­ning: 20 Suf­folk-cross lambs ($163).

RA & T Chitty, Toodyay: 44 Ile De France lambs ($158).

RV & SC Pearce, Toodyay: 15 cross­bred lambs ($161).

Yuin Pas­toral, Yal­goo: 19 Dor­per lambs ($156).

Muka Meats, Dan­dara­gan: 30 Merino ewe mut­ton ($127).

PE & MH Barne­ston, Nabawa: 47 Merino ewe mut­ton ($128).

H & GD Reed & Son, Three Springs: 12 cross­bred wethers ($121).

AE & PA Franklin, Hither­green: 35 cross­bred ewe mut­ton ($125).


Muchea Live­stock Cen­tre penned 1388 live-weight cat­tle on Mon­day, down 1000 head from the pre­vi­ous sale.

The bet­ter qual­ity yard­ing saw more lo­cal types pre­sented once again.

De­mand was strong through­out, with vealer and year­ling cat­tle 10¢ to 30¢/kg dearer.

Grown steers, heavy bulls and medium-weight cows im­proved 10¢/kg in price, with the only de­cline be­ing for grown heifers, which eased 10¢ to 20¢/kg due to the qual­ity pre­sented.

In the lo­cal sec­tion of the yard­ing, vealer steers sold for 290¢ to 334¢/kg, up 25¢/kg. Vealer heifers sold for 200¢ to 284¢/kg, up 25¢/kg.

Prime year­ling steers were up 6¢/kg, sell­ing for 240¢ to 312¢/kg. Grain-as­sisted year­ling heifers sold for 250¢ to 290¢/kg, up 30¢/ kg.

Grown heifers in the main sec­tion eased 20¢/kg, to sell for 210¢ to 274¢/kg. Grown steers sold for 260¢ to 274¢/kg, up 10¢/kg.

Very light­weight cows, in­clud­ing pas­torals, sold for 162¢/kg to feed­ers, up 35¢/kg. Score 2 medium weights sold for 134¢ to 184¢/ kg, up 10¢/kg, and the prime lines for 180¢ to 206¢/kg, to re­main


Light­weight bulls, in­clud­ing pas­torals, sold to live ex­port for 270¢ to 300¢/kg. Medium weights sold to live ex­port for 160¢ to 278¢/kg, all re­main­ing firm, with heavy­weights sell­ing to pro­ces­sors for 178¢ to 206¢/kg, up 10¢/ kg.

In the pas­toral sec­tion, light vealer steers sold for 186¢ to 200¢/ kg, to re­main firm, while vealer heifers sold for 148¢ to 180¢/kg, up 10¢/kg.

Light­weight year­ling heifers sold for 200¢ to 220¢/kg, up 20¢/ kg, and medium weights for 190¢ to 238¢/kg, up 35¢/kg.

Grown pas­toral heifers eased 10¢/kg to sell for 234¢/kg.

Cat­tle high­lights

FA Grig­son & Sons, Jurien: Eight Here­ford steers (699kg, 242¢/kg, $1692); two Here­ford bulls (578kg, 258¢/kg, $1491).

Hel­met Nom­i­nees, Chit­ter­ing: 13 An­gus steers (516kg, 270¢/kg, $1393).

Snell & Tay­lor, Bulls­brook: Seven Mur­ray Grey steers (503kg, 272¢/kg, $1368); four Mur­ray Grey (462kg, 274¢/kg, $1266).

RA Adam & Co, Ravenswood: Eight An­gus steers (411kg, 306¢/ kg, $1258).

Wendy M Gould, Wan­na­mal: Six Santa Gertrudis bulls (468kg, 278¢/kg, $1301).

GG Ver­rall & Co, Bin­doon: Five Sim­men­tal-cross cows (745kg, 192¢/kg, $1430).

SJ & SL Martin, Wan­na­mal: Eight An­gus cows (621kg, 200¢/ kg, $1242).

The South­way Trust, Gin­gin: Nine An­gus cows (633kg, 198¢/ kg, $1253).

Veal high­lights

Kal­grains, Bulls­brook: One Mur­ray Grey bull ($540).

Hppl Pas­toral, Chit­ter­ing: Four Mur­ray Grey steers ($710); three Mur­ray Grey steers ($685); three Mur­ray Grey heifers ($630); seven Mur­ray Grey heifers ($680).

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