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There were 10,238 sheep and lambs penned at Muchea on Tues­day, De­cem­ber 18.

Num­bers were down by 4,000 head in a sim­i­lar qual­ity yard­ing, and as ex­pected, pro­cess­ing mut­ton eased slightly with limited com­pe­ti­tion due to works clo­sures for the hol­i­day break, how­ever, gra­zier and live ex­port de­mand was strong, par­tic­u­larly on store cross­bred lambs and Merino wether lambs that gained from $3 to $10/head.

In the lamb sec­tion store cross­bred lambs to feed­ers were at least $10 dearer, sell­ing from $78 to $109/head.

Air­freight types gained $3 on the back of live ex­port com­pe­ti­tion, sell­ing from $94 to $118/head.

Trade lambs sold from $125 to $156, easing $3 to $5, with the heavy lambs at $154 to $175, down $7/head.

Best hoggets to the trade were mainly $105 to $127 firm, with Merino wether hoggets to re­stock­ers sell­ing from $128 to $164, the tops with a full fleece up $5/head. Light weight store Merino ewe lambs to re­stock­ers sold at $80 to $98/head firm.

Light weight young wethers to gra­ziers sold at $99 to $118, up $3 to $5/head.

The mut­ton mar­ket showed the largest ease in num­bers penned to­day. Re­stock­ers paid for Boner ewes from $65 to $85/head firm.Trade ewes sold at $110 to $120 firm to slightly eas­ier, with heavy ewe mut­ton down $3, sell­ing from $105 to $133/head.

Wethers to live ex­port sold from $115 to $140, the tops with a heavy fleece up $5/head. Rams to pro­ces­sors sold from $65 to $123, back $10/head on re­duced de­mand.


A Dar­nell & D Ser­venty – Mar­garet River: 86 poll dorset lambs ($164.50)

Vr Obrien – Moony­oonooka: 16 Wilt­shire Dor­per lambs ($154.00) Sr En­nis – Bin­doon: 32 Dohne lambs ($158.00)

R Shin­gle­ton & Co – Walk­a­way: 22 Suf­folk lambs ($156.00) enokurra farms – Min­genew: 87 cross­bred lambs ($154.00) El­liott & Son – Keys­brook: 48 Cor­riedale ewe mut­ton $133.00 Np Burgess & Co – Meck­er­ing: 84 Merino ewe mut­ton ($129.50) Cj Pea­cock & Co – Quairad­ing: 45 Merino wethers ($138.00)

De & Mr Green­ham – Ko­orda: 78 Merino wethers ($140.50)

Je & Cm Broad­hurst – Jen­nacu­bine: seven Poll Dorset wethers ($130.00)


Num­bers eased 300 head at Muchea on Mon­day, De­cem­ber 17, with 1679 yarded. The qual­ity of the lo­cal cat­tle im­proved sig­nif­i­cantly, al­though it was the op­po­site with the pas­torals.

Live ex­port com­pe­ti­tion on medium weight bulls, prime year­ling steers and heifers saw a lift of 40¢ to 50¢/kg.

Pro­ces­sors showed lit­tle in­ter­est on heav­ier cat­tle, with grown heifers and medium weight cows back 20¢ and that would have been the case on prime cows, but new live ex­port com­pe­ti­tion kept them firm.

In the lo­cal sec­tion of the yard­ing the vealer steers sold from 210¢ to 310¢/kg to re­main firm. Vealer heifers made from 160¢ to 280¢/kg to be firm.

Prime year­ling steers were up 40¢ to make from 264 to 290¢/kg.

Prime year­ling heifers made from 200¢ to 260¢, also 40¢/kg dearer.

The grown heifers eased 20 to make from 200¢ to 214¢/kg.

Grown steers sold from 230¢ to 294¢/kg to re­main firm.

Very Light weight cows, in­clud­ing pas­torals, sold from 80c to 106c/kg.

The 2 score medium weights sold from 100¢ to 162¢, easing 20¢, as the prime lines sold from 170¢ to 236¢, to be pri­mar­ily firm to 20¢/kg dearer.

Light weight bulls, in­clud­ing pas­torals, to live ex­port sold from 308¢ to 340¢, easing 20¢/kg on the larger pen­ning of these types.

Medium weights to live ex­port sold from 296¢ to 306¢, up 50¢, as heavy weights to pro­ces­sors sold from 180¢ to 200¢, easing 20¢/kg.

In the pas­toral sec­tion, light vealer steers sold from 150c to 180c, sell­ing 40c/kg cheaper.

Vealer heifers sold from 80¢ to 150¢, up 40¢/kg.

Year­ling steers sold from 178¢ to 244¢c, up 5¢/kg.

Light and medium weight year­ling heifers made from 80¢ to 176¢, easing 15¢c, while heav­ier weights sold from 196¢ to 238¢, be­ing 6¢/kg cheaper.


Jerome Pilk­ing­ton – Bre­mer Bay: eight An­gus steers 462kg (288c/kg, $1331.00), eight An­gus steers 423kg (266c/kg, $1125.00), nine An­gus steers 364kg (276c/kg, $1005.00)

Wyl­lie Group P/L – Coolup: nine An­gus heifers 492kg (242c/kg, $1191.00), 12 An­gus cows 571kg (200c/kg, $1142.00) Mc & Bl Clarke – Bol­gart: six Mur­ray Grey bulls 311kg (322c/kg, $1001.00)

Cc Wheat­ley – War­radarge: nine An­gus bulls 222kg (326c/kg, $724.00)

Min­ninup Past Co – War­radarge: five An­gus cows 632kg (196c/kg,$1239.00), 10 An­gus cows 552kg (202c/kg,$1115.00) Bull­rush Farm – Gin­gin: five An­gus cows 590kg (208c/kg, $1227.00)

T & L Mur­ray – Gooma­lling: five Red An­gus cross cows 664kg (218c/kg, $1448.00)

The Muchea Live­stock Cen­tre will hold its fi­nal sale on Satur­day, De­cem­ber 22.


A Rechichi - Wan­na­mal: six An­gus steer calf ($730.00), three An­gus steer calf ($680.00) Hay­day Pas­toral & Graz­ing Toodyay: one Mur­ray grey heifer calf ($590.00), two Mur­ray Grey steer calf ( $410.00)

The first sale for 2019 will be held on Mon­day, Jan­uary 7.

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