Muchea sale re­port


There were 16,668 sheep and lambs penned, rep­re­sent­ing an in­crease of 6000 head on the last sale, which was held last De­cem­ber.

It was a sim­i­lar qual­ity yard­ing and again, as ex­pected, pro­cess­ing mut­ton eased slightly, with lim­ited com­pe­ti­tion, mainly due to pro­ces­sors full of di­rect sup­ply stock.

The lamb mar­ket re­mained firm on trade types and topped at $182/head for a pen of heavy out­stand­ing qual­ity lambs at an es­ti­mated 26kg cwt.

Gra­zier and live ex­port de­mand was solid through­out the sale for the bet­ter young store stock.

In the lamb sec­tion, store cross­bred lambs to feed­ers were firm, sell­ing from $96 to $118/head.

Air­freight types were firm, mak­ing from $81 to $118, with trade lambs sell­ing from $125 to $158, while heav­ies made from $150 to $182/head, also re­main­ing firm.

Ram lambs sold from $85 to $141/head to the trade. Ewe Hoggets to gra­ziers sold from $72 to $136, up $10, with wether Hoggets to feed­ers mak­ing from $70 to $118/head to be firm.

The light weight store Merino ewes lambs to re­stock­ers, sell­ing from $37 to $76/head, the pref­er­ence be­ing for more ma­ture types.

The very light Merino wether lambs made from $42 to $91/head to be firm.

In the mut­ton mar­ket, light boner ewes to pro­ces­sors sold from $55 to $85, eas­ing $7/head.

The bet­ter trade ewes were in de­mand, gain­ing $5 to sell from $90 to $125, with heavy ewes re­main­ing firm to make from $112 to $130/head.

Best wethers to pro­ces­sors sold from $102 to $137 and ma­ture rams to the same made from $50 to $89/head. Cg Boyle – Yere­coin

26 cross­bred lambs ($160.00) Rg & Tj Cran­nage – Clack­ine 11 cross­bred lambs ($162.00) Kl & Kl Read – Bin­doon 11 cross­bred lambs ($168.50) Gkt & Em O’brien – Narn­gulu 25 dor­per cross lambs ($150.00) Stonesville Graz­ing Co – Wan­na­mal

13 cross­bred lambs ($160.50) Tw Lee – Toodyay

24 merino ewe mut­ton ($129.50) Cp & Sr Mcan­drew – Yel­beni 114 merino ewe mut­ton ($120.50) Tum­bul­gum Farm – White­man Park

87 merino ewe mut­ton ($123.00) Me­harry Farms – Merredin 65 merino ewe hoggets ($136.00) Ab & Kf Stone – Coorow 7 merino wethers ($120.50)

Num­bers eased 280 head, with 1400 penned in an av­er­age qual­ity yard­ing as pas­toral cat­tle dom­i­nated the of­fer­ing at Muchea on Mon­day.

In the lo­cal sec­tion of the yard­ing most types re­mained firm, with the main movers be­ing year­ling heifers and grown steers, back 30¢/kg.

Light weight bulls to live ex­port eased 60¢, but on the pos­i­tive side, pro­ces­sors were keener, with medium weight score 2 cows up 7¢ and heavy bulls up 25¢/kg.

Vealer steers sold from 250¢ to 308¢/kg to be firm.

Vealer heifers made from 220¢ to 260¢/kg, re­main­ing firm.

Year­ling steers mainly sold from 240¢ to 292¢/kg, to be firm.

Year­ling heifers eased 30c, sell­ing pre­dom­i­nantly from 188¢ to 250¢/kg.

Grown steers eased 30c to make from 220¢ to 260¢/kg.

Grown heifers re­mained firm, re­ceiv­ing from 208¢ to 220¢/kg.

Cows, in­clud­ing pas­torals, sold from 50¢ to 120¢/kg for very light weight.

The score 2 medium weights made from 150¢ to 178¢, gain­ing 7¢/kg.

Heavy primes made from 178¢ to 208¢/kg to re­main firm.

Bulls met qui­eter live ex­port de­mand, while live ex­porters pur­chase light weights from 180¢ to 280¢, back 60¢/kg.

Medium weights to live ex­port sold from 192¢ to 228¢ to be firm and heavy weights to pro­ces­sors sold 25¢ dearer, mak­ing from 180¢ to 218¢/kg.

In the pas­toral sec­tion, light vealer steers sold from 68¢ to 100¢/kg, re­main­ing firm on an in­fe­rior pen­ning.

Light vealer heifers sold from 130c to 140c, de­creas­ing 10c/kg.

Light year­ling steers eased 20¢ to make from 80¢ to 126¢c, while the over 400kg weights made from 180¢ to 192¢/kg to be firm.

Light year­ling heifers gained 20 ¢ on the back of stronger gra­zier de­mand, sell­ing from 80 ¢ to 166 ¢/kg.

Grown steers re­mained firm at 200 ¢/kg.

Tj Ber­ri­gan – Gin­gin: eight

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