Young Sum­mer Sausage and White-Beer Ched­dar Di­jon

Craft Beer cre­ates com­plex, lay­ered fla­vor in this sum­mer sausage and ched­dar spread.

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Serves: 5–6

Sum­mer Sausage

1 lb (454 g) ground beef 2 lb (907 g) ground pork 3 Tbs kosher salt 2 tsp ground mus­tard seed or dry mus­tard 2 tsp gar­lic, chopped 2 tsp black pep­per, crushed ½ Tbs sugar 4 tsp pink cur­ing salt 1 Tbs smoked pa­prika 1 cup (8 fl oz/237 ml) ice cold pil­sner

Hog cas­ings (op­tional)

All in­gre­di­ents should be as cold as you can get them with­out freez­ing. Mix all in­gre­di­ents ex­cept the beer, in a stand mixer with a pad­dle. Add the beer to the mix­ture and emul­sify the sausage. Test a tea­spoon of the mix in sim­mer­ing wa­ter to taste.

If you have ac­cess to hog cas­ings and a sausage press, stuff the cas­ings with the mix­ture. Oth­er­wise, lay down a sheet of plas­tic wrap and place about 2 cups of the sausage mix in the mid­dle of the sheet. Press the sausage into a log shape, and wrap the log in plas­tic push­ing out as much air as pos­si­ble. Re­peat the process with plas­tic wrap and then foil.

Poach the cased or wrapped sausage in a 150°F (66°C) wa­ter bath for 20 min­utes or un­til done. Cool, then slice. If you used foil and plas­tic wrap, re­move them be­fore slic­ing.

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