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the flamingo in the cen­tre of a 15x7cm (6x2¾in) piece of 28 count white even­weave, us­ing two strands of stranded cot­ton over two threads of fab­ric. Cut the stitch­ing, leav­ing 5mm (¼in) of un­stitched fab­ric on all sides of the de­sign. Fray the edges of the fab­ric, by care­fully peel­ing away one thread of even­weave.

Step 2 TAKE

a 18x20cm (7x8in) piece of pink felt and cut so it wraps com­pletely around your phone, with one seam which will be at the cen­tre back of the case. Add on a seam al­lowance at the back and the bot­tom – our rec­tan­gle mea­sured 16cm (6¼in) high x 20cm (8in) across. Bring the short edges of the felt to­gether, and stitch down the seam on the seam al­lowance. Flat­ten the felt tube, so that the seam is cen­tre back. Stitch across the bot­tom of the case with the same seam al­lowance. Turn to the right side.

Step 3 FOLD

a 13x20cm (5x8in) piece of pink spot­ted fab­ric in half, with the wrong side fac­ing out. Place it over the bot­tom of the felt case. Mark the width of the case on the fab­ric, adding on a seam al­lowance ei­ther side. Sew down the side seams, then trim away the ex­cess fab­ric. Turn to the right side – you will have a bag that will fit the bot­tom of the felt case. Once you’re happy it fits over the felt case with­out gap­ing at the side seams, fold the top edge of the fab­ric bag in­side the bag, and press to hold in place.

Step 4 SLIP

the spot­ted bag over the end of the felt case, and catch stitch it to the felt us­ing small, neat stitches. Place the stitched flamingo on the front of the case, and at­tach at the edges with a row of run­ning stitches.

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