Stitch­ing your… afghan

Cross Stitcher - - Sweet Snuggles -


TAKE a look at your half panel of Cot­ton-Anne cloth. It will have 28 small pan­els – seven high and four wide, and just less than a half panel on all four edges. Be­fore you be­gin stitch­ing, over­sew the edges with a loose ma­chine zig-zag stitch, or bind with mask­ing tape to pre­vent fray­ing. Use four strands of stranded cot­ton for the cross stitch, work­ing each stitch over two threads of fab­ric, and two strands for the back­stitch.

Step 2

CHOOSE where to place your mo­tifs. In this is­sue we have given you eight mo­tifs. Th­ese can be stitched in any of the smaller pan­els, but you should leave the cor­ners un­stitched as a spe­cial corner motif will be sup­plied in the fi­nal part. The lay­out plan op­po­site shows where we have stitched each motif in this is­sue, and the mo­tifs that are planned in fu­ture is­sues.

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