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We asked our fans on Facebook, “What instant change would make your current project go more smoothly?”

SARAH ELLE WILLIAMS More spare time to stitch! That’s the biggest thing holding me back from my hobby.

LIZ DRAPER I’d change the mistakes made, that made me resign it to the WiP bag/basket/crate/room in the first place. I have to hide my new kits so I don’t start one before I’ve finished one of the WiPs. I had to instigate a ‘Dozen a Day’ challenge, where I did at least a dozen stitches on an old piece before I was allowed to work on the present piece.


A continuous supply of tea... or better still hot chocolate. I could try one of those large catering flasks so I don’t have to stop sewing.

HELEN SIMMS Every single colour available, and plenty of various aidas and evenweave so I could start a project as soon as I saw it in the magazine.

TRACY CHAPMAN Pain free – I used to be able to stitch for hours, now I have to take lots of breaks as my fingers and wrists hurt.

XENIA ANTIPOVA I would like to have a scissors keeper – more practical, so I can have the scissors nearby, also a place to put a few needles threaded with DMC, so I don’t spend time changing my DMC threads every time.

DELENE KERR A good light. I’m struggling with my eyesight at the moment. So really need a good light which I’m sure will help.

OLIVIA HARTSHORN I’d like ideas for what to do with finished WIPs and where to obtain said items, please. This would motivate me to finish.

SIÂN MAY PALMER For someone else to come and do the backstitch­ing – I hate it!

CARRIE ANN HORNBY A lottery win so I can retire early and have more time to stitch would be lovely.

RAVENSONG FRISELLA I’d love an OTTLITE. When I moved in 2017, mine got left behind and I haven’t been able to a“ord a new one.

SIOBHAN DANIELLE ERICA FALLOWS Extra hands would really help, and super strong thin needles.

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