Cross Stitcher

Make a… pincushion



the pincushion top on the aida fabric, and the side design on the aida band. Place one of the cardboard circles over the top stitching, and with the design in the centre of the circle, cut out, adding 1.25cm ( ⁄ in) seam allowance to edge.

Step 2 PLACE

toy stung on the top of one cardboard circle and then over this place the stitching, right-side up. Push pins into the edge of the cardboard circle going through the aida. Turn over the wrong side and clip the circle around the edge into the seam allowance. Using double-sided tape, secure the aida to the reverse side of the cardboard circle. Remove the pins.


with the white felt and the other cardboard circle – this will be the bottom of the pincushion.

Step 4 WORK

on the outside, and pin the aida band to the edge of the pincushion top, pushing the pins into the cardboard to secure. To join the aida band at the back, bring the cut ends of the band together, then checking the fit, and working on the inside, stitch the aida band ends together. Remove some of the seam allowance on the inside.

Step 5 HAND

stitch the top of the pincushion to the aida band carefully, working between the red embroidery stitches at the top – make a securing stitch, then slide the needle through the fabric to the next gap in the red embroidery stitches, repeat around the edge of the pincushion, until the top is stitched to the side.

Step 6 FILL

with toy stung, and then place the felt-covered circle onto the bottom of the pincushion, felt side out, and then attach it in the same way as for the top.

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