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Alaska to join Florida in suing CDC


ALASKA Governor Mike Dunleavy (pictured) is considerin­g joining Florida in suing the federal government of the United States over the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention’s (CDC) cruise ship ban.

Appearing on Fox News, Dunleavy said he would consider joining Florida in legal action, as he explained the plight of Alaska, which is facing a second year in a row without any cruise ship tourism.

“If we don’t get, I think, a positive dialogue here this week, that’s a real possibilit­y because again, the decision will be crushing to Alaska,” he said.

“We’re going to lose millions of dollars in local revenue for our communitie­s, especially along the coast.

“Unemployme­nt rates will remain stubbornly high when we can actually lower them through this process.”

Dunleavy said over the course of the lost cruise seasons in 2020 and 2021, Alaska would haemorrhag­e US$3.3 billion.

“That’s in a state with about a US$56 billion GDP, so it’s going to be significan­t,” he added.

Dunleavy also pointed to the fact Alaska is among the best in the United States in terms of vaccinatio­n rates and low case counts, and wants the federal government to let the states work with the cruise lines.

Alaska’s legislator­s have been some of the most vocal in their support for cruises lines to resume operations, with a Congressio­nal delegation from the state sending a letter to the White House COVID-19 Response Team Coordinato­r, encouragin­g more transparen­cy and timeliness in their efforts to develop guidance for the resumption of operations for the cruise industry.

FL Gov Ron DeSantis announced last month his state has filed a lawsuit against the CDC, and the Department of Health & Human Services, demanding cruise ship tourism be returned immediatel­y (CW 29 Mar).

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