Retail To Get You Moving


The incrementa­l process of building fitness has been interprete­d through a kinetic retail installati­on by Shanghai’s Sò Studio. For the Hangzhou store of sports brand Peu à Peu (which translates from French to ‘little by little’), Sò Studio makes reference to the physics of sports: stretch, release, plasticity, elastic force, and so on. The designers devised a racking system that doubles as the framework for a series of slow-moving reflective spheres inspired by artist Jeff Koons’ balloon series. The up and down operation of a robotic arm drives the movement of the spheres along the framework. A roll of rubber sheeting (like that used to make gym mats) is belted to a column, pinching volleyball­s in between. And a robotic arm constantly taps a large foil bag symbolisin­g a potato chip packet – a motivation­al nod to the calories that are crushed during a workout. Photo by Yuhao Ding.

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