The Other Side


Can the reverse side of a rug be as beautiful as the front? The cacophony of backstitch­es that makes the front side possible inspired London-based Raw-Edges studio to create a collection of rugs that honour the hidden side – and the traditiona­l craftspeop­le at work behind the scenes. The Backstitch collection for GAN turns traditiona­l embroidery upside down. It consists of three designs that symbolise a conceptual process. Calm (pictured) features regular stitching that creates an almost-solid area of colour. Busy densifies the pattern with multiple stitches. Finally, Compositio­n presents an ‘explosion’ of stitches in multiple directions. The dhurrie rugs are made with wool on manual looms and hand embroidery by the artisans from GAN’s Women’s Unit in Utta Pradesh, India. In Singapore, GAN is available from P5.

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