Cycling Plus


( every time)

- WRITER Chris McGuire ILLUSTRATI­ON Spencer Wilson

From finding the ideal riding companions to plotting the best route, our top tips will see you experience perfection every time you get in the saddle.

Imagine the scene: the sun is shining and the birds are singing. You’re riding at a perfect pace – not too slow that you’re burning carbs, not too fast so you can take in the scenery around you. Your freshly shaved legs are looking good in perfectly-fitting shorts and your tan lines are maturing nicely.

You chat with fellow riders, who are great company. Other road users respectful­ly keep their distance. The only thing on your mind is what to order at the café beyond the next rewardingl­y challengin­g incline.

Too good to be true? Not necessaril­y. Here is our guide to what you need for the perfect ride, every time…

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