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SINCE 1994, CAM­PAG­NOLO’S BEST WHEELS have borne the Bora name, from the Latin Boreas, for north wind. Cam­pag­nolo didn’t want to com­pro­mise this first disc-braked Bora wheel’s ef­fi­ciency by re­pur­pos­ing the ex­ist­ing Bora, so while the Bora One 35 DB rim looks ex­ter­nally sim­i­lar, it’s been in­ter­nally mod­i­fied to deal with the forces gen­er­ated by disc brakes. It’s built us­ing laser-cut car­bon, in a new layup, and Cam­pag­nolo’s pro­pri­etary resin and pro­cesses.

The front and rear rims are struc­turally unique. The disc brake cre­ates asym­met­ric loads on the front wheel, so its rim de­sign re­flects this. The spoke pat­tern off­sets the im­bal­ance, with 16 of its 24 spokes on the ro­tor side. The rear wheel was al­ready asym­met­ric be­cause of the cas­sette, and the disc ro­tor cre­ated an op­pos­ing force, but as rear brak­ing force is far less than torque through the driv­e­train, its Mega G3 spoke pat­tern favours the drive­side.

Rim widths are 17mm in­ter­nally and 24.3mm ex­ter­nally, with 35mm height. The spoke holes are fab­ri­cated into the rim, not drilled, so no fi­bres are bro­ken, en­sur­ing ex­cel­lent in­tegrity and strength. That glossy sur­face fin­ish is ex­actly as the UV-re­sis­tant resin looks when it leaves the mould.

New one-piece alu­minium hub bod­ies have re­designed, rounded flanges, plus the lock­ring for the USB ceramic bear­ings is mi­cro-ad­justable. They’re de­signed for Cen­tre­lock ro­tors, 12mm thru-axles, with quick-re­lease end caps avail­able, and weigh an im­pres­sive 1494g.

Op­ti­mised for 25mm and 28mm tyres, the Bora One 35 DBs ac­cel­er­ate su­perbly, are ag­ile and re­as­sur­ingly sta­ble. Their 3.7mm wider rims bet­ter sup­port larger rub­ber, in­creas­ing air vol­ume, con­tact patch, grip and com­fort, thanks to the lower pres­sures pos­si­ble. While more rounded, the rims are still nearer a V shape than a U, but their rel­a­tively shal­low depth makes them al­most im­per­vi­ous to gusts. Great rigid­ity, slick bear­ings and an ef­fi­cient build make them great moun­tain climbers and very re­spon­sive in a sprint.

They are clincher-only, when we’d like a tube­less op­tion, and could be wider, but the Bora One 35 DB wheelset boasts ex­cel­lent qual­ity, and a lively na­ture.

WE SAY The first disc-braked Bora plays a lit­tle safe, but does it beau­ti­fully

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